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Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator, Communication Coach

Make your connections count

Coty will take your team through a process showing leadership exactly how to improve the connections they have at work to increase the 3 P’s – Performance, Productivity, and Profits.  Coty connects individuals and teams by building on strengths, eliminating weaknesses, and working to make visionary leaders the catalysts to create a climate of synergy and empowerment.

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What People Say About Coty

We hired Coty to give a teamwork presentation to our salon staff. We were struggling to get our team members on the same page and it was affecting the bottom line. So we asked for Coty’s help. He made the presentation very easy to understand and engaged each of our staff members so that they would be more motivated to act together as a team and work toward common goals. It made a difference and I would recommend hiring Coty to help any team that wants to improve team morale, team relationships, increased productivity and profits.

E. Espinoza

Salon Manager and Owner

Coty is insightful, energetic, and engaging with incredible information that is impactful and life changing.  If you are seeking the truth about yourself, your organization and/or your employees, call Coty. He is an amazing expert on human behavior.

Betty Garrett

Garrett Speakers International

Coty helped me assess areas where I was getting stuck in my business.  After taking the Personalysis assessment and then meeting with Coty for an interpretation, I discovered the ‘why’ I was getting stuck and the ‘how’ to act in accordance with my personality areas.  Coty gave me a motto –  “Go green!”  I use it daily to help improve my performance and to balance my strengths and weaknesses.  After administering and taking many personality tests, I feel this one with Coty, was by far the best.

Lia Mote

Professional Speaker and Exec. Speech Coach